CloudBurst 20162016

The SWeden Azure Group Developer Conference
September 21 – 23, 2016

CloudBurst 2016 & OpenCloudBurst 2016 are Microsoft Azure developer conferences run by
the SWeden Azure user Group (SWAG).

The idea is full days of Azure related sessions in one single session room. You will not miss anything with multiple tracks. Presenting are Microsoft Azure community and industry leaders and provides real-world content for Microsoft Azure developers and those wanting to explore the platform. The focus will be on developing Microsoft Azure applications and real-world cloud-based solutions. After the sessions on Thursday there will be a chance to chat the presenters and other attendees. All sessions at CloudBurst are presented in English.

Why two events CloudBurst 2016 & OpenCloudBurst 2016?

CloudBurst 2016 is our two day event with the exact same setup as previous years. In fact our biggest feedback from previous years is "don't change anything"! So we are not - we enjoy the format too. This will be two days, one room, great Azure sessions as always! CloudBurst 2016 is on September 22 – 23, 2016.

OpenCloudBurst 2016 is a way to make new friends. While CloudBurst 2016 does not exclusively say "no-non-Microsoft content" (we have had sessions on non-Microsoft stack topics before) we still feel there is room for a little more specific focus on anything which is NOT running the Microsoft .NET/ASP.NET stack! The setup will be one day, one room, with great sessions focused on typical non-Microsoft stack technologies for Azure! OpenCloudBurst 2016 runs the day before CloudBurst 2016 on September 21, 2016.

You can attend one or both of these two separate events by registering below for the flavor you like "Microsoft stack" or "NoMicrosoft stack"! OR you can attend BOTH events by registering to both!

SWAG community events are always free to attend, lunch and refreshment will be provided. Drinks and light refreshments will be available after the sessions on Thursday. All of this is made possible by the generosity and passion of the presenters and the organizers and also through the financial support from the event sponsors.

Organizers for SWAG are three Swedish Microsoft Azure MVPs Alan Smith, Magnus Mårtensson and Teemu Tapanila.

Logos and graphical design by our good friend Maarten Balliauw.


The following World Leading Microsoft Azure Presenters are speaking at CloudBurst 2016 & OpenCloudBurst 2016!

SWAG would like to thank all the presenters for contributing their valuable time and their knowledge, as well as all those involved in organizing and promoting the event.

Maarten Balliauw

Maarten Balliauw - Microsoft

Maarten Balliauw loves building web applications developed in ASP.NET (C#) or PHP and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Maarten also co-founded MyGet, hosting private NuGet, npm and Bower feeds for teams. He's a former Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft Azure. Maarten is a frequent speaker at various national and international events.");

Session: Sherlock Homepage - A detective story about running large web services

The site was slow. CPU and memory usage everywhere! Some dead objects in the corner. Something terrible must have happened! We have some IIS logs. Some traces from a witness. But not enough to find out what was wrong. In this session, we’ll see how effective telemetry, a profiler or two as well as a refresher of how IIS runs our ASP.NET web applications can help solve this server murder mystery.

Anton Boyko

Anton Boyko - Azure MVP

Founder and main speaker at Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Community. Builds apps based on Microsoft Azure platform since 2011. Microsoft Azure technical expert. During free time creates new videos about Microsoft Azure for his own YouTube channel. Microsoft Azure MVP since 2014. Owner and one of the organizers of the most popular Microsoft Azure conferences in Ukraine: Azure Day and Global Azure Bootcamp.");

Session: Build, deploy and manage your releases with Visual Studio Team Services

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of projects where engineers deploy their apps using "Right click -> Deploy -> Production" approach. This is sad, but true. At some point we can face this just because no one knows how to configure a build server, how to automate deployment process. And, for some reason, a lot of engineers believe that it is some super complicated stuff. During my speech I will talk about general approaches for automating build, deployments and managing releases. After short talk we will go straight to the demos. In no more than 15 minutes I will configure automated build process for my app and automated deploy to several different environments. I will wrap all of this in release management pipeline and show how to make the entire release process transparent for all team members.

Alex Mang

Alex Mang - Azure MVP

Alex Mang is an Azure MVP and regular conference and user groups speaker focusing mostly on cloud-computing topics, thus aiming to help developers better understand the implications of cloud-computing as a whole. As an Azure Advisor, he regularly offers Azure teams in Redmond feedback on upcoming Azure features and services. Alex dedicates a lot of his time developing his ISV involved in the event management and ticketing industry and also invests lots of time teaching software architectural and cloud computing patterns at user groups, conferences and privately-owned companies around Europe. Whenever he’s not in the office, he’s either recording video tutorials with O’Reilly, giving software development trainings, writing articles or working on open-source Azure-related libraries in GitHub repos.");

Session: SQL Database from A Developer’s Perspective

SQL Server had, has and will certainly have a lot to offer, but the number one concern of a common developer when it comes to SQL is the management cost involved. This also happens to be the number one reason for why Azure SQL Database is so successful for hardcore developers who don’t want to become accidental DBAs and worry too much about the SQL production workload. The situation however is that the management-less attitude towards SQL Database made most developers miss the tips and tricks SQL Database has to offer and thus make the workload more performant. Throughout this session, I will walk you through the techniques you can use to make your SQL the most performant possible with the limited amount of resource you have available within the tier your database is running on and also cover the elasticity techniques available using the services and tools available today.

Magnus Mårtensson

Magnus Mårtensson - Regional Director, Azure MVP and founder/CEO of Loftysoft AB

Magnus Mårtensson runs the companty Loftysoft as a strategic consultant advisor, tutor, international speaker, process coach and technical lead. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional. In business as well as in life he is a true entertainer while being productive, smiles while being challenged and always gives more than is gained. He is man with a true consultant spirit and aims not to take life too seriously because he claims it’s more fun that way! Some of his passions are reaching out and connecting with audiences, engaging in community activities and organizing online and global conferences such as GlobalAzure Bootcamp and CloudBurst. Magnus focus on all things Cloudy and operates like a fighter pilot navigating cloudy skies helping clients safely harness the power and benefits the Clouds can bring. As the first Azure MVP in Scandinavia in 2012 he has been awarded MVP of the year and is now a go-to person for Microsoft in the Nordic countries regarding Enterprise Cloud Consulting. He is also a Microsoft Azure Insider and Microsoft Azure Advisor providing feedback even before early Microsoft releases to the Cloud Platform.");

Session: Serverless Compute with Azure Functions

In the age of the Cloud we have almost grown accustomed, or even weary at times, of paradigm shifting technology promising gold and green forests. And here is another one – Serverless Compute. It was in fact Amazon who coined the term for their popular Lambda service. Microsoft’s retort is that they actually planted the seed for the concept with “Simple Batch” aka. WebJobs. Azure has now followed suit in the Serverless wave with Azure Functions a very competent and interesting service with full hooks into the Platform and all other services that live there, such as VSTS, Logic Apps and much more. We developers, architects and DevOps are able to dig into the spoils of the battle of the giants and enjoy a new paradigm which will make us much more effective developers at a fraction of the cost! The Cloud breaths innovation in every breath. The advent of Serverless Compute certainly is one such energizing advance!

Mike Martin

Mike Martin - Azure MVP. Lead Consultant & Architect @ Crosspoint Solutions

As a Microsoft Lead Consultant and Architect at Crosspoint Solutions (part of the Cronos group), a company with a strong focus on BI, Data and CRM, Mike is mainly focused on the complete Microsoft product stack and therefore very flexible to work with. He’s been active in the IT industry for over 18 years and has performed almost all types of job profiles, going from coaching and leading a team to architecting and systems design and training. Today he’s primarily into the Microsoft Cloud Platform and Application Lifecycle Management. He’s not a stranger to both dev and IT Pro topics, they even call him the perfect hybrid solution. In January 2012 he became a crew member of AZUG, the Belgian Microsoft Azure User Group. As an active member he’s both involved in giving presentations and organizing events. Mike is also a Microsoft Azure MVP (already awarded 4 times) and an Azure Advisor. Helping out in the community and introducing new & young people into the world of Microsoft and technology is also one of his passions.");

Session: Micros …. err Microcosmos: the take on Azure, Nano and containers

It has evolved. We went from client to client-server to services, and with that we went from hardware to virtualization to … containerized deployments. There’s some new kids in town. The big beast of a whale called Docker (although it has a small footprint, pun intended ), a teeny tiny Microsoft solution named Nano (although that flag doesn’t completely cover the cargo container (again pun intended)). The technology that build our virtualized DC’s is now enabling us containerized deployments. Hyper-V at its core and tools that you already have make this an easy entry.

Joachim Nässlander

Joachim Nässlander - Technical Solution Professional - Azure

Joachim Nässlander has been working with Microsoft infrastructure since Windows NT 4 was modern. Various positions has given him a perspective on all parts of the IT industry. He was awarded as an Microsoft MVP for five years and in 2009 IDG IT Business Awards awarded him “IT Consultant of the year”. You might have seen him earlier as a speaker at TechEd, The Experts Conference or TechDays. Nowadays you find him at Microsoft where he helps customers understand, design and implement solutions in Microsoft Azure.");

Session: Azure ARM – Will the resource manager make my life easier?

In the beginning Azure was all about cloud services and co-admins. These days we have ARM, Azure Active Directory and a shiny new portal. We’ll take a look at the portal and go through how role based access control (RBAC) works with various roles, and how you can grant or limit access to your code or infrastructure. We’ll also look at how you can deploy brand new stuff into Azure using ARM templates, making your life a whole lot easier!

Barry O'Reilly

Barry O'Reilly - Chief Solutions Architect

Barry is currently Chief Solutions Architect for Microsoft Consulting Service Western Europe. He has a background in distributed systems, SOA, and IoT. At Microsoft he has served as the global lead for the Solution Architects Community, the IoT Lead for Western Europe, and was a founder of the Swedish Windows Azure User Group. He is one of nine CITA-P certified Architects in Sweden and a regular presenter at internal Microsoft events.");

Session: Preparing for IoT - what Architects and Developers need to know for real world projects

Beyond the hype curves and estimating the numbers of devices in the future, real world IoT projects are steadily providing results for customers all over the world. This session aims to give an overview of what Azure Developers and Architects need to know in order to be effective and hit the ground running.

Mark Simms

Mark Simms - Principal Group Program Manager, Azure CAT Architect, Microsoft

Mark is a Principal Group Program Manager on the AzureCAT (Azure Customer Advisory Team), working on large-scale Azure architecture and implementation. He also manages the patterns & practices team, delivering proven approach and guidance to building large scale cloud applications. Specialties: Cloud architecture and implementation, Internet of Things (IoT) back end services, real-time analytics, distributed architecture and applications, hybrid cloud applications, big data approaches.");

Session: Building concurrent data pipelines in .NET

Pluggable, dynamic pipelines are a common pattern leveraged in highly scalable, responsive .NET applications and services. This talk will cover how to design, implement and monitor data pipeline patterns in .NET, with a specific eye towards handling asynchronous I/O, variable timeouts and external dependencies, concurrency, backpressure and error handling. Implementation techniques will be demonstrated with TPL Data Flow, targeting pipelines that can handle in excess of a million events per second.

Session: Instrumentation, monitoring and diagnostics at scale for .NET back-end services

Live monitoring and diagnostics is crucial for operating services at scale. Delivering an effective, integrated monitoring and diagnostics solution for .NET applications requires careful design and implementation choices to deliver the necessary insight without adversely affecting performance. This talk will dive into both the planning approach (what insight is required for monitoring and diagnostics) as well as specific techniques for delivering an end to end experience (with Serilog, AppInsights and others).

Prabhjot Singh Bakshi

Prabhjot Singh Bakshi - Regional Director and Azure MVP

Prabhjot Singh Bakshi is From India, He is the founder director of Getwings Technologies Private Limited, He is also the Vice President -Operations at BSP IT & Communication. Since 2014, he has been extensively working with the country's top Accelerators & Incubators. He closely work with CEOs of start-ups in creating awareness & educating them on their Azure Journey starting from enrolling for Bizspark program. He has been instrumental in driving the Azure adoption in the start-up eco system. As a Microsoft certified Trainer Alumni with strong community connect, he has built a strong working relationship with Microsoft. He is imparting corporate technology training to a number of leading IT giants of India & regularly does consultancy assignment for them. For his work and contribution towards Community he has been awarded and recognized as Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional on Azure.");

Session: Logic Apps and BizTalk are "Better Together"

Logic Apps lso works with Biztalk Server to form the core of our enterprise integration story, along with our API Management and Massaging service (Azure Service Bus). Making it possible to leverage current BizTalk server Investment to connect to SaaS applications.

Alan Smith

Alan Smith - Azure MVP

Alan is from England and resident in Stockholm where he works as a consultant for Active Solution, a company specializing in Microsoft Azure and .NET development. He has been in the IT industry since 1995 and delivering training courses since 2005. Between courses he acts as a mentor and coach to other developers and teams, sharing his knowledge of Microsoft Azure to improve their project development. He also works closely with Microsoft, taking part in technology preview programs, attending software design reviews and providing feedback to development teams. Alan has an active role in the developer community running a local Microsoft Azure user group as well as playing a leading role in organizing the Global Microsoft Azure Bootcamp and the CloudBurst conference in Sweden. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and user groups in Sweden and around Europe and has held the Microsoft MVP award for nine years, currently as an MVP for Microsoft Azure.");

Session: Azure Service Fabric Reliable Actors

The actor model adopts the philosophy that everything is an actor. It provides a pattern for concurrent communication allowing discrete units of computation called “Actors”. Actors maintain their own private state and interact with the outside world, and other actors using messages.

Microsoft Azure Service Fabric introduces Reliable Actors, building on the Virtual Actor pattern to provide a programming model build on the scalability and reliability of the Azure Service Fabric platform.

In this session Alan will show how Service Fabric Reliable Actors can be leveraged in cloud-based applications. Starting with a detailed overview of the actor model explaining the key concepts of the actor model the session will introduce telemetry processing for a fitness application as a scenarios.The implementation of this scenario will then be demonstrated, showing how the functionality of Reliable Actors can be used to implement the concurrent processing of multiple telemetry streams.

Teemu Tapanila

Teemu Tapanila - Azure MVP & Lead Microsoft Developer at Magine

Teemu Tapanila is a solution-oriented technical professional with focus Azure and mobile. He believes that cloud technologies and great user experience are the keys to successful digital transformation. He applies his passion and expertise to his work at Telia Company. Teemu has been working with Microsoft Azure since 2011 in a variety of forums ranging from customer advisory to conference presentations.");

Session: A/B Testing, Performance Testing and Testing in Production with Azure Web Apps

The only way to know if your system is working properly and in optimal state is to test it. However, testing is complex and time consuming especially when you want to do all different kind of testing. Come and see Teemu demonstrate the tools and techniques that are required to test your software and really leverage your Azure Web App investment.

Mats Iremark

Mats Iremark - Solution Architect Collector Bank

Mats is working as a Solution Architect at Collector Bank with focus on solutions in the Azure cloud. Has a special interest in everything that has do do with Devops. After studying engineering physics he went on to be a poker professional for 6 years and is one of few swedes who has won a European Poker Tour tournament. He has also worked alot with Elasticsearch, primarily when it comes to centralized logging but also visualization big data within the fintech sector.");

Session: Elasticsearch in Azure – Lessons learned and tips

Mats will be telling his story about their Elasticsearch clusters in Azure. How can you secure Elastic in Azure? What special considerations when running in the Cloud? How can Elasticsearch be combined with Service Bus, Event Hub etc?


Two days packed with great sessions!

Time Session / Happening
OpenCloudBurst 2016 day 1
08:00 - 08:50 Doors open!
08:50 - 09:00 Introduction of the conference. (Please be on time!)
09:00 - 10:00 Building a real-time monitoring solution via Docker with Grafana, InfluxDB, logstash, collectd and friends
Mark Simms - Principal Group Program Manager, Azure CAT Architect, Microsoft
10:15 - 11:15 March Of The Penguins: Azure, OSS and DevOps
Mike Martin - Azure MVP. Lead Consultant & Architect @ Crosspoint Solutions
11:30 - 12:30 Elasticsearch in Azure – Lessons learned and tips
Mats Iremark - Solution Architect Collector Bank
CloudBurst 2016 day 1
08:00 - 08:50 Doors open!
08:50 - 09:00 Introduction of the conference. (Please be on time!)
09:00 - 10:00 Serverless Compute with Azure Functions
Magnus Mårtensson - Regional Director, Azure MVP and founder/CEO of Loftysoft AB
10:15 - 11:15 Azure Service Fabric Reliable Actors
Alan Smith - Azure MVP
11:30 - 12:30 Sherlock Homepage - A detective story about running large web services
Maarten Balliauw - Microsoft
12:30 - 13:15 Lunch
13:15 - 14:15 SQL Database from A Developer’s Perspective
Alex Mang - Azure MVP
14:30 - 15:30 Build, deploy and manage your releases with Visual Studio Team Services
Anton Boyko - Azure MVP
15:45 - 16:45 Building concurrent data pipelines in .NET
Mark Simms - Principal Group Program Manager, Azure CAT Architect, Microsoft
16:45 - 18:00 Mingle, minipizza & Beer. Meet the speakers and talk!
CloudBurst 2016 day 2
08:00 - 08:50 Doors open!
08:50 - 09:00 Introduction of Day 2. (Please be on time!)
09:00 - 10:00 A/B Testing, Performance Testing and Testing in Production with Azure Web Apps
Teemu Tapanila - Azure MVP & Lead Microsoft Developer at Magine
10:15 - 11:15 Micros …. err Microcosmos: the take on Azure, Nano and containers
Mike Martin - Azure MVP. Lead Consultant & Architect @ Crosspoint Solutions
11:30 - 12:30 Logic Apps and BizTalk are "Better Together"
Prabhjot Singh Bakshi - Regional Director and Azure MVP
12:30 - 13:15 Lunch
13:15 - 14:15 Azure ARM – Will the resource manager make my life easier?
Joachim Nässlander - Technical Solution Professional - Azure
14:30 - 15:30 Preparing for IoT - what Architects and Developers need to know for real world projects
Barry O'Reilly - Chief Solutions Architect
15:45 - 16:45 Instrumentation, monitoring and diagnostics at scale for .NET back-end services
Mark Simms - Principal Group Program Manager, Azure CAT Architect, Microsoft


Thank you for helping us out!

Hosting a conference with leading international presenters and keeping attendance free would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of the presenters, organizers, and financial contributions from organizations. The conference would not be possible without the following invaluable organizations (in alphabetical order) for helping with financial support and logistics.

Would you like to sponsor SWAG and among other things have your logo appear here? Contact us below!

Traveling to CloudBurst

CloudBurst 2016 & OpenCloudBurst 2016 will be held at the Microsoft offices in Akalla, Finlandsgatan 36, 164 93 Kista.

Traveling to Microsoft Sweden from Stockholm City

Travel cards are required for the subway and can be purchased from the Pressbyran shops by the stations. A travel card with 16 coupons can be purchased for 220 SEK. From T-Centralen, take the blue subway line to Akalla, which takes around 20 minutes. At Akalla station, leave from the exit at the rear of the train. The Microsoft offices are about 3 minutes’ walk from the station exit.

Travelling to Stockholm by Air

Stockholm Arlanda international airport is about 40 km north of Stockholm city and about 25 km north of the conference location. From Arlanda to and from Stockholm city:
  • Taxi, around 35 minutes, fixed fair around 450 – 550 SEK.
  • Arlanda Express airport train, around 20 minutes, 260 SEK.
  • Airport Bus, around 40 minutes, 99 SEK.
From Arlanda to the conference location:
  • Taxi, around 25 minutes, fixed fair around 450 – 550 SEK.
Bromma airport is about 10 km west of Stockholm city.

Accommodation in Stockholm

It is recommended to stay in Stockholm city rather than around the conference location. Stockholm has a number of hotels around the city. The presenters will be staying at Comfort Hotel Stockholm, Kungsbron 1 11122 Stockholm.


Any questions or suggestions? Contact the event organizers Alan, Magnus and Teemu!

Reach out to @noopman, @alansmith or @tapanilat if you have any questions.


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